Rolling Drinks Club

Coffee & Cocktails

We like drinks. A LOT. Specifically coffee & cocktails. Taking inspiration from the espresso bars of Italy; where you can grab a coffee or cocktail at any time of the day, we created Rolling Drinks Club.

We offer interesting drinks served with style from our beautifully quirky Piaggio Ape tuk-tuk (his name is Errol, by the way). We believe in using quality ingredients to make well-crafted liquid refreshments (sometimes simplicity is the key you know!). We're not just a standard coffee cart or mobile bar and like to keep things Rolling - tailoring our menu especially for the occasion. 

You may see us at a variety of events around the Midlands and beyond… from festivals, food fairs, corporate gigs, weddings & parties - you name ‘em - we believe in great drinks & good times!

Espresso Martini anyone?

Keep the drinks Rolling…