Looking for a mobile coffee cart or bar with a difference at an event you’re planning?  Perhaps you'd like Espresso Martini's at your Wedding or party?

We're a fully licensed drinks club specialising in Coffee & Cocktails (an Espresso Martini reception really helps to get the party started!) - but also offer a completely bespoke service. You name it, we’ll serve it!


What we offer:

1. Errol – our beautifully designed and fully licensed Espresso Bar. Book him for coffee, for cocktails or for both!

2.  Specialty coffee beans – sourced from the good guys @ 200 degrees coffee and perfect for any coffee (Brazilian Love Affair to be precise as it's the perfect all-rounder!).

3. Artisan teas - we love a good brew!

4. Premium alcohol – we love to provide interesting alcoholic drinks, intelligently made and served with style.

5. A bespoke and tailored menu – it’s your gig so you tell us what you like!

6. Personalised branding/naming on the side above our tagline (vinyl sticker) – we think they’ll both look swell together and will make for great wedding pics!

7. For our coffee gigs; customisable coffee cups, lids and event printed marshmallows if you like!

8. Style, service, and possibly a guest appearance from a beautiful Boston Terrier (his name is Rory, in case you wondered!).


Things you might need to consider:

1.     Errol has all the gear – he comes complete with lighting, high-quality coffee machine & grinder (running on gas or electric), display fridge, freezer box (if required) and bar area and sink.

2.     We have a beautiful wooden bar, great glassware and come fully prepared with trained staff.

3.     Errol measures 3.15m(l) x 1.5m(w) x 2.10m(h). He can squeeze through most spaces and is easily manoeuvred on site (road-legal and everything!)

4.     We require one mains plug to run all day and night or we can run off gas and batteries for a shorter period.

5.     We collect our own waste, have our own lights (for night time), store our own water, have public liability insurance, PAT, gas, and food hygiene certificates.

6.     We don't like the word package - we'll tailor the experience for you for a memorable spectacle.



Give us a shout - we'd love to hear from you!